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The Written Logo "Monroe & She"

A shoegaze duo of a different kind: Massive guitar clouds and spherical ambient waves gently carry an angelic voice over deeply profound songs. Melancholic yet melodic, the music moves between shoegaze, dream pop and indie – and accompanies the listener on the narrow path between doubt and hope to confront one's inner demons. 

As truly unique as Matt Monroe and Lea Leone’s music is, so too is their origin: Matt’s raucous, unfiltered and spherical music, created in the pulsating heart of Brooklyn, found Lea’s ethereal, dreamy angelic voice on a chilly October night in a dim Manhattan karaoke bar. Although close friends for years, they were unaware that their two musical talents would ever merge into a greater whole: Monroe & She. An additional, almost fateful predestination: the two were unknowingly born a few hundred meters apart in the east of Switzerland, as they would learn only 35 years later.

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